Wroclaw's Newest Hot Spot
Di Café Deli

While only recently opening its doors, Di Café Deli’s unique interior design and friendly atmosphere has already made it a morning hot spot for locals in the bustling city of Wroclaw, Poland.


The concept, drafted and executed by Buck Studio, celebrates the essence of European mid-century design but reinvents it by adding a contemporary twist.

  • Design Standard
  • Sky Tower, Powstańców Śląskich 95
  • Wrocław, Poland
  • +48 71 780 5019
  • www.dicafedeli.pl

    A constellation of white marshmallow-like lamps hang over the communal oval table in the center of the space, acting as a visual focal point in this this “dining room” concept as well as creating an easy going and familial vibe. Individual seating is still offered and two-tops align the walls of the rest of the space.


    The mid-century influences are particularly strong in the design of the black lamps that hang over individual tables, reminding us of mid-century designer Serge Mouille and his minimal and organic “arm-floor lamps.” A visual staple of many bistro interiors, the black and white checkered floor is cross-referenced by the use of wood in the Scandinavian inspired design of their wooden chairs.  While ordering at the bar, customers can peer through the glass to the kitchen and watch the chefs and bakery (as they make their own baked goods) at work. Not taking itself too seriously, the café adds a quirky bonus to the customers’ experience.

    Using the black and white checkered motif on the back of their menus, customers can flip over their menu for a quick game of checkers as they enjoy their morning coffee. Throughout the day, the shifting light plays with the mood and temperament of its environment. This is one of the reasons why prime time for Di Café Deli is the morning. The rays of light that seep in from the large windows surrounding the space bounce off the textured and mosaic timber walls which helps accentuate the fresh mood of the architectural layout and design.


    Like floating sculptures, the design and placement of these pivoting panels add an artistic layer, bridging the gap between gallery installations and commercial design. Whether running in for a quick coffee or sitting down at the communal table to enjoy a game of checkers, Di Café Deli will start your day right with its unique visual palate and casual and friendly ambience.

    Written by Danielle Short

    By Published on May 14 2015