04 Apr 2014 - 1:53 pm

For any couples looking for their next extravagant getaway, Florence may have your next answer. Renovated back in 2010, the Grand Hotel Villa Cora stands as a nineteenth century mansion turned hotel for all to admire and now enjoy.


This lavish cocoon of sheer opulence, sits among the Viale dei Colli gardens and invites guests to gape and question its beauty past its marble floors and theatrical silky drapes. Upstairs, Villa Cora offers 30 accommodation quarters with four poster beds enveloped with injections of color with panoramic views across the historic city of Florence.


Nicknamed the ?Grande Dame?,  Villa Cora includes over 46 luxury rooms with a few simply named the Cigar Room, the Hall of Mirrors and a Moorish – inspired boardroom.


An endless array of tantalizing colors, it comes to no surprise that past visitors have apparently included Napolean III, Tchaikovsky, Princess Eugenia and the Japanese Emperor Hirohito. À la the greats, guests can too enjoy a glass of whisky by the LED lit bar tops, relax in turkish baths and dance away in ballrooms among Baroque lined tapestry.


A truly magnificent pastiche of striking history and modern detailing, this rare creation is nearly too good to be true. Revitalized to full health, the Grand Hotel Villa Cora is back on her glorious throne.

Grand Hotel Villa Cora,

Viale Machiavelli


Florence, Italy

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