Pristine Brazilian Beaches We Love

11 May 2015 Written by

Brazil is one of those places you need to visit more than once in order to start to understand how to do it right. While destinations such as Rio and Sao Paulo are on most must-see lists, Brazil’s diversity and cultural versatility extend beyond the high-rises and boardwalks of these mega cities.

I often get asked what the best time to visit Brazil is and my answer seldom changes. The best time to go to Brazil is all the time. The friendly giant boasts varied climates and multiple holidays, hardly leaving a visitor out of options. Peak season runs from November to March, although winters in June and July are mild, pleasant, and uncrowded. Regardless of your choice, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite spots in Brazil, from the tropical North to the temperate South.

Trindade (Rio de Janeiro)


Part of historical Paraty, Trindade is a paradise comprised of more than 50 preserved beaches and waterfalls. The town’s main street is just as exciting — arts and crafts, live music, and rustic restaurants are a local tradition.

Distance from Rio de Janeiro: 4 hours by bus

Ubatuba (São Paulo)

Besides all of its pristine beaches, Ubatuba’s hotels, restaurants, and waterfalls make it a top destination for those eager to get out of São Paulo’s big city chaos.

Distance from São Paulo: 3 hours by bus

 Ilha do Mel (Paraná)

Accessible only by boat, this island has kept its original exotic tranquility thanks to the lack of cars and pollution. A place for campers, hippies, and simplicity seekers, Ilha do Mel (honey island) has its name for a reason…

Distance from Curitiba: 2 hours by boat

Pipa (Rio Grande do Norte)


Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in this part of Brazil, so you’re in luck if the matches you want to see are in Natal. Pipa is a small village but a dreamy destination — from cliffs to lagoons and a happening nightlife to top it off, make sure you don’t skip it.

Distance from Natal: 1 to 2 hours by bus or car

Porto de Galinhas (Pernambuco)

Recife is a coastal city full of attractions, culture, and natural beauty. Porto de Galinhas is a must see, voted best beach in Brazil for ten consecutive years, this tropical paradise is only a short drive away.

Distance from Recife: 1 hour by car