Old Tradition, New Taste
A new twist on Mediterranean cuisine has landed in Sydney.



In the chic suburb of Potts Point, the Apollo restaurant opened its doors in 2012 for foodies and families alike. A four-star nook with casual vibes, one can casually enjoy traditional Greek food and drink with a modern touch. In light of the widespread critical acclaim the restaurant has received the past three years, it appears Apollo is here to stay.

  • Royal
  • DeVere Hotel, 44 Macleay Street
  • Sydney, Australia
  • +61 28354 0888
  • www.theapollo.com.au

    The kitchen crew over at Apollo shells out top-notch cuisine seven nights a week, mixing traditional Greek peasant food with high quality local ingredients. Tender meats and vegetables are slowly roasted over wood and charcoal. Taramasalata mullet roe dip paired with a light 2001 Grande Reserve Naoussa is sure to please the most discriminating of palates; wild weed and cheese pie brings oft-overlooked vegetation to the table with elegance; pig’s tail salad shows that every part of the animal can be equally delicious.


    Yet, for the folks at Apollo, the meal is not all about food. Eating is a family affair. The menu encourages a frenzy of sharing as various dips and pitas are passed round and round. There is also plenty of seating available around the wine bar where the staff is happy to offer their company to those looking for some friendly banter.

    If none of that pleases your need for family bonding, Apollo offers semi-private dining with pre-fixed menus, bestrewn with classic Greek favorites and others fruits of the chefs’ creativity. The dining room, draped in a tasteful minimalism, is reminiscent of a cozy Greek mom-and-pop shop. For Apollo’s founder, staying true to the culture of his ancestors is of paramount importance.


    The Apollo is the brainchild of 33 year-old, award-winning chef Jonathan Barthelmess. After years of studying under two of Australia’s most celebrated Mediterranean chefs, Stefano Manfredi and Janni Kyritsis, Barthelmess decided to bring innovation to the old world traditional dishes of his heritage. Using fine local ingredients and ancient culinary tactics, Apollo sets the standard for Sydney’s new age Mediterranean establishments.

    Written by Alex Brock

    By Published on Mar 17 2015