23 Oct 2012 - 12:44 pm

Hidden down cobblestone streets, behind the historical facades and balconies of the French Quarter, a mysterious underground universe lingers. The new W Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter looks like a very charming place to stay. Meanwhile, jazz pulses through the veins of the French quarter, spilling out of homes and clubs throughout the neighborhood. Moody jazz is the soundtrack to this alternate reality, laden with secrets, mystery and unusual perspectives.
A place where vision is not about what you see but what you perceive. As the rite continues, dancing ensues in public spaces while in candlelit corners clandestine meetings and tarot cards unfold. Throughout the evening, secrets are kept, offerings made and mysteries revealed.

The minibar presents itself as a W interpretation of an altar. The reflective faceted box isolates and frames portions of the image ? as you reach for the door you might find her mouth which might shift to become a portion of her ear. Whereas a traditional altar would have candles lining the top surface, this top surface is an illuminated plane.

More information at www.starwoodhotels.com & www.nemaworkshop.com