Setting foot in Xalteva, Granada’s old indigenous quarter, can feel a bit like traveling back in time.
Neighborhood Watch
Xalteva, Granada

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Written by Jade Moyano

Setting foot in Xalteva, Granada’s old indigenous quarter, can feel a bit like traveling back in time. As the oldest city in Nicaragua and in all of Central America, Granada is a haven for those searching for that old world feel while also experiencing archetypal Nicaraguan culture.


While Central America is infamous among backpackers, Nicaragua’s off-the-beaten-path atmosphere, simple charm, and welcoming nature is attracting a new set of visitors- those who find magic and stay, creating incredibly unique experiences for themselves and those who visit.


Local and expats mingle with grace in Granada’s colonial neighborhoods. The atmosphere is lively and the architecture breathtaking. Xalteva’s streets are lined with coffee shops, traditional restaurants, galleries, and while we’re tempted to try it all we have selected our absolute favorites to make any Granada experience remarkable. 


Tribal Hotel


Vibrantly painted colonial homes and cobble stone streets lead way to TRIBAL, Granada’s first boutique hotel, designed and created by New York restaurateurs Yvan Cussigh and Jean-Marc Houmard of Indochine and Acme.


Located in the residential street where visitors are by default invited to meet and greet locals, TRIBAL resembles a countryside structure, blending in naturally with its surroundings. This did not happen by accident. Cussigh and Houmard had every intention to make TRIBAL feel like a home away from home.


A perfect balance of antique and modern hand-crafted pieces foster an air of relaxation and comfort and TRIBAL’s seven rooms all carry the same relaxed luxury feel.

  • Design
  • Calle Cuiscoma,
  • Granada, Nicaragua
  • +505 2552 0037



    Tucked away in a 1860s building, Espressonista is the highlight of any trip to Granada. Besides baking their own bread and pastries, brewing their own beer, and concocting their own ice cream, the coffee shop turned restaurant is a treat for the senses.


    Keen to provide the best ingredients and products in Nicaragua, owners Falk and Andres search the highlands and the valleys to find organic farmers where locally smoked ham, goat cheese, vegetables and herbs are always fresh and free of chemicals.


    During the day, stop by to try the best coffee in town or to enjoy a minute of serenity. At night, a carefully chosen selection of wines is available alongside the menu of the night. Andres and Falk are knowledgeable and friendly enough to sit with you and give you the in on everything Nicaraguan. Do try the rabbit if it is available.

  • Street
  • Calle Real Xalteva 609
  • Granada, Nicaragua
  • +505- 2552- 4325

    Mombacho Cigar Factory


    The Mombacho Cigar Factory is the place to go for premium, boutique cigars in Granada. Non-smokers can also enjoy a tour of the factory, as the process of hand-rolling and preservation of the Nicaraguan tobacco is very informative and entertaining.


    Open since 2006, Mombacho Cigars has just moved to a well-known, beautiful historic building in Xalteva, which was formerly the home of renowned Italian architect and sculptor Mario Favilli. Bright colored walls and hand-painted tiles lead the way to the production process, where guests can experience cigar making from the preservation of the tobacco to the packaging.


    Experience the culture of a modern cigar factory while also appreciating a part of Granada’s fascinating history. With a friendly and loving local staff, conversations are strongly encouraged. They will tell you about their lives and smile for pictures.


    End the tour at the factory’s walk-in humidor and lounge to enjoy cigars in a smoke-friendly atmosphere with gorgeous views of the city.

  • Street
  • Calle Atravesada del Parque Sandino
  • Granada, Nicaragua
  • +505 2552 2945

    Hamacas Tio Antonio


    Located inside tranquil Cafe de las Sonrisas, this hammock factory is part of a non-profit organization led by Tio Antonio, a Spanish merchant. At first the place may appear quiet. Smiling workers will be custom-making hammocks while others curiously watch or stop by for coffee. After a few minutes of quiet you will realize that the factory is run entirely by deaf mute people.


    Tio Antonio hammocks were created to help integrate people with difficulties into the labor market. All hammocks are handwoven, and an array of different threads can be chosen to create any hammock you desire. While hammocks are for sale at almost every corner in Granada, the high-quality and high-purpose of this factory will make for an exciting and fulfilling experience.


    Feel free to have their fine Nicaraguan coffee while you wait for your hammock. Tio Antonio can ship hammocks straight to your home.

  • Street
  • Calle Real Xalteva
  • Granada, Nicaragua
  • +505-85598315
    By Published on Mar 09 2015