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Baixo Gávea, Rio de Janeiro

The neighborhood of Gávea stands on the foot of the Tijuca Forest (the largest urban rainforest in the world) in Rio de Janeiro. Its role as one of the most vibrant and interesting places in Rio helps compose the multi-cultural puzzle that the city’s character is built upon.


Located on the south zone of the city, only 5 minutes by car from the beach, Gavea is an intimate residential area that extends up the hills to the entrance of Rocinha.


Housing one the most referenced universities of Brasil, Gavea is also known for accommodating a variety of respected elementary schools.

Nevertheless, the neighborhood’s biggest role is to present a wide spectrum of information in  a condensed space, giving you a small town feeling inside of Rio de Janeiro.


Gávea was chosen not only by academics but also by pulsing creative talents such as artists, musicians, celebrities, and architects as the place to settle their home, spaces and studios. Therefore, it does not matter if you are having a breakfast at Talho Capixaba Café, going to an exhibition at the mesmerizing Instituto Morreira Salles, or a yoga class in Nirvana, it’s impossible not get inspired by the melting point of new ideas and stories that symbolize this small neighborhood in Rio.


Airbnb in Gavea


Still today, the neighborhood lacks good hotel options, even thought we expect that by the summer games next year this issue will be resolved. On the other hand, Gávea is very well located, just 5 minutes from Leblon and 10 minutes from Ipanema which have many great hotels. Airbnb and other hospitality platforms offer a good alternative for apartments if you want to embrace the area’s lifestyle and feel a little bit more like a local.

  • Street
  • Rua Major Rubens Vaz
  • Gávea - Rio de Janeiro
  • 2 bedroom. $117/night

    Braseiro da Gávea


    It’s simply impossible to speak about Gávea and not mentioning Braseiro. This is one of the biggest meat institutions of Rio de Janeiro and probably one of the most notorious restaurants for everyone that lives in the city or is visiting town. It doesn’t matter if you are beach bum, lawyer, designer, artist or doctor, everyone gathers on the busy and loud restaurant to enjoy an authentic but simple ambient filled with interesting people and ideas.


    Braseiro is one of the those places that walk side by side with the history of neighborhood, the waiters are well known characters from the city, always working with a smile on their faces. The price is very fair (one of the few places which I don’t feel ripped off in the city) the food is great (not very vegan friendly though) and the experiences of only enjoying a “chopp” (draft beer) or “caipirinha” on the outer balcony enjoying the flow of Baixo Gávea is a must do in Rio.


    Dress code? Informal, sandals are welcome, also wet trunks and bikinis after going to beach on Sunday.


  • Street
  • Praça Santos Dumont, 116
  • Gávea - Rio de Janeiro
  • + (21) 2239-7494

    Talho Capixaba


    Gávea is definitely not the place for a fine dinning experience, however, that doesn’t mean you will have a unpleasant gastronomical experience. At the end of 2013 after 14 years of business, one of most respected and prized bread institutions on Rio, Talho Capixaba, chose the neighborhood to install its second store, a “petit” and charming version of the original one at Leblon, right on the “entrance gate” of Gávea.


    Talho Capixaba, acts as premium deli and café, with outstanding service and curated selections of premium products such as: cheese, home made breads, freshly squeezed juices, wines and organic products. During weekdays the establishment is a favorite for quick bites offering delicious Panini’s, and specials of the day, creating a traffic of locals, celebrities, writers and people who sit the for a chat or even a meeting. Talho Capixaba surely is a great welcome for who’s visiting the hood.


  • Street
  • Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 10
  • Gávea - Rio de Janeiro
  • +55 (21) 2512-8760

    Instituto Moreira Salles


    Designed in 1948 to be the home of Walther Moreira Salles, the beautiful house opened it’s doors to the public in 1951, inaugurating one of the most respected art institutions of the city, the Instituto Moreira Salles.


    Located at the top of Gávea, in an area of approximately 10 thousand square meters inside the Atlantic Forest (Tijuca Forest), IMS is a true symbol of Brazilian modernism. The building is monumental, elegant and austere, designed to host large families and social occasions marked by frequent receptions for distinguished guests.


    Conceived by Architect Olavo Redig de Campos and landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx the building is organized around a central courtyard, featuring a stark contrast between the Italian classicism of Redig’s education and fields of unexpected informality shown on Burle Marx’s design.


    The institute is not only one of the biggest expressions of Brazilian modernist movements, but also an incredible artistic institution showing leading exhibitions of noteworthy artists such as: William Egglestone, Robert Mappelthorpe, Richard Serra and William Kentridge to name a few. IMS also host a wide variety of exhibitions of Brazilian art.


  • Design
  • Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 476
  • Gávea - Rio de Janeiro
  • +55 (21) 3284-7400
    Written & Curated by Rodrigo Peirao

    By Published on Jun 19 2015