13 Nov 2012 - 4:19 am

Not to be missed at each year during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is Modebelofte, (translation: A promise is made), featuring the best young talent in fashion, both Dutch and International. Handpicked by fashion consultant Carlo Wijnands, this year the exhibition, Entering The Funnel, has been art directed by Niek Pulles and Martin Schuurmans. Organizers seek to transport the viewers to the future world where a new race of fashionable warriors has been born.

Brilliant shapes, textures and colors will pierce your mind as you enter through the exhibition, encapsulated by a series of wind tunnels and lined with gorgeous painted mannequins representing Pulles’ and Schuurmans’ future ideal. Designers exhibited include Yvonne Kwok, Josine Heuts, Esther Kruyer, among others.

The idea for “Enter the Funnel” was created during this summer, connecting seamlessly to the general theme of Dutch Design Week “Enter a Brave new World”. Although Dutch Design Week has come and gone, Modebelofte is on view at Krabbedans Eindhoven through December 2nd.

on view through December 2nd at Krabbedans Eindhoven
Clausplein 2 (De Witte Dame)
5611 XP Eindhoven

art direction: Niek Pulles

photos: Norbert van Onna