Living The Sicilian Way
Casa Talia

This dreamy place set in Modica, Sicily, was built for those who would like to escape life’s daily routine and get lost in a place where the concept of time barely exists.


Casa Talía is owned by two architects, Marco Giunta and Viviana Haddad, who moved to Modica from Milan and did a splendid job in renovating the place. More than just an average boutique hotel, Casa Talía is an oasis of serenity with the sea just a short distance away.

  • Design Standard
  • Via Exaudinos, 9
  • Modica, Sicliy
  • +39 0932 752075

    The site is a beautiful blend of Arabic texture, Mediterranean realm and Sicilian tradition, all easily intertwined without contradicting one another. Its stone walls and historic features fit well with the surroundings that mostly consist of olive trees, carobs and baroque structures. A stay at Casa Talía means stepping back in time to Sicily’s old days.


    The main garden of Casa Talía, a magnificent site that reminds you of the relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle, leads to quanit the rooms, of which consists of small houses that stand on different levels of natural terrain. Just like the Arabic houses in the medina, the rooms are peaceful spaces in the middle of a busy town and are independent but all face the central garden.

    The warm colours of the rooms and their light atmosphere and interior are all inspired by ancient cultures, all of whom heavily influenced Sicily in the past. The choice of materials, namely the stone walls, lime plasters, cane roof, stone and polychrome tiled floors, are natural, ecological and of Sicilian descent.


    All rooms have their own independent entrance from the main garden and their own private terrace with a mesmerizing panoramic view of Modica’s historical center. With a well deserved spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list, its historic structures with their baroque architecture will transform you leaving you long for more. It feels like time stood still in this part of the world and the nerve-wracking routine of the demanding modern world is in a land far away.

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    Written by Stephany Daal



    By Published on Jun 12 2015