18 Apr 2013 - 12:28 pm

Are you guys excited for HyèresAs you may know, Felipe Oliveira Baptista was selected as head of fashion jury, and Charles Fréger as head of photography jury for the annual fashion and photography festival highlighting 10 top creators in each field.  Hyères kicks off next week, with the nominees work on view through May 26.


Shortlisted Designers 

Tomas Berzins & Victoria Feldman (Latvia ? Russia, Womenswear)
Henning Jurke (Germany, Menswear)
Camille Kunz (Switzerland, Menswear)
Yvonne Poei-Yie Kwok (Netherlands, Womenswear)
Xénia Laffely (France ? Switzerland, Menswear)
Satu Maaranen (Finland, Womenswear)
Marionde Raucourt (France, Womenswear)
Damien Ravn (Norway, Womenswear)
Shanshan Ruan (China, Womenswear)
Xing Su (Canada, Womenswear)

Camille Kunz
Xénia Lucie Laffely
Henning Jurke


Shortlisted Photographers 

Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer (Switzerland)
Emile Barret (France)
Petros Efstathiadis (Greece)
David Favrod (Switzerland)
Dominic Hawgood (United Kingdom)
Grace Kim (United States)
Johnmann (United States)
Anna Orlowska (Poland)
Peter Puklus (Hungary)

Emile Barret
David Favrod
Anna Orlowska

For more information, visit www.villanoailles-hyeres.com/fr/actualites