03 Oct 2014 - 2:15 pm

If you think you know everything there is to know about adventure, think again. Extreme sports have acquired a new connotation with the introduction of the International Highline Meeting, where overly courageous adventure-seekers take slackline to the next level by spending days and nights suspended hundreds of feet above the Italian alps.


The meeting was the third of its kind and about 18 highlines were setup in Monte Piana this past September. While some call it a slackline meeting, others consider it a festival since a kitchen, a bar, and musical jam sessions take place.


Reaching the destination can turn out to be part of the adventure. The best way to reach Monte Piana is to fly to Innsbruck, Austria then drive through the scenic mountainous route for about 2.5 hours. Many attendees carpool and share their tents as well, starting a system of support and encouragement from the get go. After all, what is wrong with hanging out in a hammock mid-air?


If you plan on going to the next one, invest in a durable tent as the alps are isolated and the weather can surprise you. To become acquainted with their community and organization simply join their Facebook group, where most attendees exchange information about the event and get to know each other.


Photography by Sebastian Wahlhuetter, Balazs Mohai and Antigravity Photography