Los Angeles, California
Cover photo by Sofia Tome

What is the Cult Collective’s mission?

Our mission is to build an inspiring and positive destination for creatives, young travelers, rebels, and drifters (bohèmes as we call them) to gather and share creative content. At its core, CULT emphasizes the notion that life embraces the pursuit of pleasure, not material things. I hope to build a community that reflects that.


I love your manifesto, It’s really inspiring especially as a fellow wanderer. What are the inspirations that have helped create your unique perspective and voice?

Thank you for the kind words – I’m sending them right back at you!! I had a very colorful childhood, full of make-believe and outdoor play. My parents instilled in my sisters and I that we could be whatever we wanted to be. The sky was the limit. I will be forever chasing my dreams and hope to inspire others to do the same.


Can you tell us about your lifestyle philosophy?

That’s such a tough question! And to be honest, it’s always adapting. Right now I am focusing more on being present in whatever I am doing, and not letting my mind wander too far elsewhere. Life is short and I want to savor every single second of it.


What would be your ideal vacation and location?

So hard! Right now at the top of my bucket list are Egypt, Tibet and Morocco.


What do you look for when posting on Instagram?

Ideally, I like to source content from our community and our #savorthejourney tag. But I also just look for content that inspires me personally or resonates profoundly with our ethos.


“Instagram is a platform for us to communicate our ideas and art pieces to a world we want to be involved in, almost unfiltered."

How would you describe your visual aesthetic?

My visual aesthetic admires simplicity. I like the feeling when a photograph or a painting has one powerful point that draws your eye, or somehow emotionally connects you to it, but otherwise feels very natural or mundane. Inspiration comes from everywhere: other social media sites, other stories, my wanderings, meeting people or sometimes as simple as the way someone makes me feel in a given moment.


How does Instagram affect your work?

Instagram has introduced me to some of the raddest, most inspiring creatives and I am so thankful for its existence! Many of the creatives that I work with on CULT brand features and conversation features were born from a digital relationship.

The Cult Collective is a modern bohème magazine dedicated to the dreamers, doers, the rebels, and the innovators. Fully embracing an authentic lifestyle is at the core of their manifesto, just look at their Instagram and you will see they are the kind of explorers and travelers we want to get to know.

Referring to themselves as free thinkers living with irrevocable passion and an insatiable hunger for life, The Cult Collective is dedicated to wanderlust. We caught up with CULT’s editor Drea Sobieski, who tells us all about this new community.

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By Published on May 14 2015