01 Aug 2012 - 6:20 am

I got  a chance to visit Documenta 13 (100 days, 200 artists and 400 paintings) while in Germany, but because it is so spread out, it was impossible to see everything. I did however, get a chance to see Geoffrey Farmer‘s “Leaves of Grass” exhibit at the Neue, an amazing fete, completely engrossing, a piece which boggles the mind in it’s content, intricacy and historical content. Farmer has constructed it using thousands of clippings from the iconic American magazine, LIFE…..This very long and large piece, (it spans more than 60 feet) is drawn from five decades of images, completely fabricated from cut-outs from the magazine. This piece is three-dimensional collage of images, advertisements, articles, it is an essay of the cultural issues, propaganda and pop culture of these 5 decades. Each image is individually attached to a thin wooden post in order to give depth to the collection, which is properly named after renowned poet Walt Whitman?s collection of poetry.


13th dOCUMENTA Art Festival hosted throughout Kassel, Germany for the next 100 days.
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Photography by Fabian Fröhlich

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