16 Jun 2015 - 5:12 pm

Why should coffee be treated any differently than gourmet food? At Devoción in Brooklyn, coffee is a gourmet affair.


The beans come from various regions in the Colombian countryside, all responsibly sourced with special attention to environmental and social sustainability. Every varietal and blend is specially chosen in accordance with the season. The bar boasts seemingly infinite modes of brewing techniques, each specialized to a particular product, from
espresso to cold brew.


A delectable array of pastries and sandwiches are paired with particular brews like fine wine. As with any gourmet outing, the aesthetic is as stunning and meticulously prepared as the product. Upon entering Devoción, tucked away on Grand Street in Williamsburg, one first walks down a long corridor of windows, allowing for a peek into the industrial sized roasting room. Here, one can witness the punctilious process of turning freshly picked beans into the aromatic finished product in the cup.


Coffee amateurs need not fear. Unlike the oft-intimidating procedure of fine dining, the experience at Devoción is welcoming and transparent. The baristas, though the term seems to fall short, are vastly knowledgeable and impressively capable at their craft. The menu alone details the variety, region and notes of each blend. If you enjoy notes of vanilla, cherry and almond, try a drip of Toro, a Caturra from the Cundinamarca region. Perhaps you enjoy the flavors of honey, citrus and eucalyptus – if that’s the case, test out the yellow & red borbon espresso from Huila.


Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the coffee packs a punch of flavor that transcends the highest of expectations. For the kids, the café offers a delectable hot chocolate made from Amedi Toscano Black dark chocolate. Of course, you can enjoy a cup of cocoa for yourself as well.



  • Design Standard
  • 69 Grand Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States
  • +1 718 285 6180
  • www.devocion.com