19 Aug 2014 - 11:00 am

Casa do Conto arts and residence, is a boutique hotel located in Porto, Portugal, designed by the architectural office Pedra Líquida.  The hotels’ design combines contemporary spirit with lush interior finishes, giving life to a beautiful nineteenth century house through a restoration process.

Translated as the “House of Tales,” the beauty of this unique hotel lies in its touch of modernity and preservation of the past. By creating decorated carved texts in the concrete ceilings and combining modern and minimalist aesthetics into one, the hotel indeed tells stories. The ceiling texts were created by different authors related to the city’s’ literature, while the architecture and graphic designed came from R2 Designers.


From the details of the central stairs to the manipulation of light, this hotel embodies a unique story of life with a fossilized architecture and a minimalistic luxury, reflecting the history of the city of Porto itself.



Written by Bruno Tatsumi