29 Dec 2013 - 11:15 pm

Welcome to St. Barts, a small slice of Bourgeois, seaside heaven. For being a relatively remote destination it has got just about everything the jet set could need?chic beachfront bistros like Nikki Beach and La Plage’s DJs and House music at Bagatelle, Le Yacht Club and Le Ti, and a dozen quiet unspoiled beaches to recover on.


No sacrifices necessary here.


But if you are planning a trip in high season and looking for a deal, well frankly this is not that destination.

During our last trip to St. Barts, we had the pleasure of touring some of the island?s most coveted villas with WIMCO, the leading villa rental and concierge services operaton on the island.. One villa really stood out, both for its charm and beautiful interior design, and because it felt a lot more accessible than some of the palaces that have weekly rental rates in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Located on the northern shores of St. Bart?s island in the Caribbean, Villa WV RKU is the intersection of spacious contemporary design nestled in island paradise. RKU?s simplistic and modest decor allow visitors to fully realize it?s expansive panoramic  views without distractions. Strong geometric designs and contemporary layout perfectly juxtapose a surreal exotic backdrop. Truly a place where time neither exists nor matters.

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