A journey into the senses of Scandinavian cuisine
Aska - Brooklyn

Surrender to Michelin starred chef Fredrik Berselius’ innovative & enchanting cuisine in Brooklyn’s new place to go.

Langoustine burnt in herbs and weeds. Sauce made from the head of the langoustine and wild chamomile.  

At the edge of Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, Aska is a modern restaurant masterfully run by Swedish Michelin starred chef Fredrik Berselius. Located in a 1860’s restored warehouse, the intimate space is the perfect background to experience the innovative and enchanting dishes created by Fredrik.


The dark toned, wood accented decorative features and stunning yet simple muted-toned black and earthen ceramics create the wonderfully curated environment at the restaurant. Savor the delights produced with locally sourced fresh ingredients – some from a farm down the road in Brooklyn – and intriguing cocktail menu – whilst you watch the chefs performing their magic at Aska’s open plan kitchen.

  • Design
  • 47 S 5th St.
  • Brooklyn, New York City
  • +1 929 337 6792
  • askanyc.com
    Live scallop, grilled quickly together with its roe. Served with unripe pickled elderberries and a sauce from roasted scallop and elderflower. 
    “Aska is everything I have wanted to do for a very long time.” — Fredrik Berselius.

    Inspired by his relation to nature – the imaginative chef delivers a palate of ingredients and textures that pleases the modern dinner. Think of a beautiful narrative dining experience and imagine scallops quickly grilled with its roe and served with unripe pickled berries; bladderwrack, a small crisp snack of seaweed from Maine, with an emulsion of blue mussel seasoned with dried blue mussel and vinegar – so deliciously playful that it reminded us of childhood memories by the sea; langoustines; and the exquisite lamb’s heart, burnt in dried bedstraw and fermented with sunchoke.

    Cured lamb heart burnt in a dried bedstraw. Fermented sunchoke and an emulsion of pickled sunchokes from last year.  

    Inspired by his relation to nature – the imaginative chef delivers a palate of ingredients and textures that pleases the modern dinner and deliver a beautiful dining narrative.

    Lichens. Crispy reindeer lichens. Served with a caramelized cream, preserved mushroom and spruce.  
    "In my mind, it simply tastes like the ocean, and it reminds me of playing by the seaside as a kid." - Chef Fredrik Berselius

    Photography Black & Steil

    Written by Francois Correia

    Produced & Directed by Ani Tzenkova in Exclusivity for Travel Dose

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    By Published on Nov 16 2016