14 May 2014 - 12:07 pm

The following equation underpins the 9h capsule hotel: 1 hour shower + 7 hours to sleep + 1 hour rest = 9 hours.


Designed by Studio S and located in Toyko this hotel takes minimalism to a new level. It embodies all the elements of the Japanese capsule concept except with one difference; it offers a luxurious experience. 9h features 125 modern capsules spread over 9 stories, separate male and female quarters, designer locker rooms, showers and a lounge.


Theses state-of-the-art pods are only available for 9 hour and are equipped with Panasonic lighting control panels for ambience, high quality bedsheets, a sleek 9h amenity kit, massages, hot bowls of ramen and robes. Clean, stylish, and centrally located near the city’s traditional Gion district, it is the perfect solution for transient (and exhausted) business people and travelers.


However, you may want to avoid this If you are a little on the claustrophobic side!