21 Jun 2013 - 11:30 am

As I traveled south from Lapland to Helsinki, I found myself in Jyvaskyla, Finland. This small, university town is focused on all things athletic, but to my surprise my hotel there was one of the best in Finland. Not only is the Hotel Yöpuu a delight in decor and service it is simplicity at it’s best. And, it just happens to have one of the most delicious restaurants I have ever eaten at. On the planet. Restaurant Pöllöwaari is a food lovers paradise, a hugely memorable experience with a one of a kind ambience. Uniqueness is proved by the fact that there is no other hotel-restaurant anywhere else in the area, especially one with such an aesthetic.  The hotel rooms are individual, every one of them is differently decorated with its own personal style.  Fantastic service, a warm atmosphere welcomes you as soon as you walk in and the quality is guaranteed by the top professional personnel. Just a short walk from the train station, if you should find yourself in Jyvaskyla, this is the place to stay!!