An Insider Guide to Dining and Drinking in Bali
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
The Slow co-founder Cisco Tschurtschenthaler shares her favorite neighborhood spots to enjoy Canggu’s local cuisine and spirits.


isco enjoys the simple things, and says “Bali is all about not being in the city. It’s about exploring hidden beaches, waves, massages and sunshine and diving into the local culture with heaps of self care.” But balance is everything, and checking out the nightlife in a new place is only natural when trying to get a grasp on the local scene. Cisco and her husband run The Slow in the Canggu neighborhood, and when friends come to visit, these are her go-to spots to recommend:

The Slow Eat and Drink

Eat & Drink at The Slow

Located in the heart of Canggu, just a short walk from Batu Bolong beach, Eat & Drink at The Slow is a café by day and transforms into a lovely restaurant with a terrace bar by night. “Kick start the sunset with batur negroni, pre-batched in house with a hint of coffee, then move on to some locally-made burrata ( with orange jam and black olive) before trying the squid ink bolognese with a kale salad dressed in a chili tahini yogurt dressing,” says Cisco…. table for one, please!





This spot checks all the boxes: “very Indonesian, super cozy, and cheap too” says Cisco. Inside the warung, which translates to a type of small family-owned business, you will find an inviting atmosphere with fresh foods and an exterior made entirely from antique woods sourced by Dani, a Bali native and the owner of Dandelion. Feeling woozy with jetlag? Try the the Djamu drink, a traditional Indonesian medicine made from roots, leaves, bork and fruit — a recipe that’s over 1200 years old!




Perfect for lunch, the garden cafe is surrounded by coconut trees. Vegetarian-focused with dishes that are served tapas-style, Cuca was created by Michelin-trained Chef Kevin Cherkas (Arzak: San Sebastian, La Broche: Madrid, Daniel: NYC). The menu is divided into three sections: harvested, hooked and farmed—noting clearly where each ingredient derived from. Every item is locally sourced from Indonesia to to maximize freshness, support local farmers and showcase the uniqueness of delicious local products.



Dirty Noni at The Slow Eat & Drink
Go Out

Old Man’s Beach Bar

Cisco tells us this is the spot “to dive into some madness of youth & sweat.” Equal parts people watching and happy hour wind-down, the beachfront beer garden at Batu Bolong Beach is right in front of the lava reef’s rights, so you can drop in any time before or after surfing.



black cat_bali

Black Cat Mini Mart

It’s a mini mart… or is it? Cruise past the chips and soda and find the fridge door with a scribbled note that reads “broken”. Metaphorical? Maybe. Behind the door the dingy convivence store transforms into a speakeasy with an alt skater kid vibe. Cold beers and good times await, along with a pool table for playing… or dancing on.



The Slow Botanical Bar

Looking to catch up with a good friend or make some new ones? Stop in The Slow’s botanical bar to chat with  the legendary mixologist Putu. The vibe feels fresh with sounds by LA’s Reverberation Radio and a mix of hotel-goers and friends of The Slow.



Black Cat Mini Mart

By Published on Sep 27 2018