28 Sep 2012 - 10:57 am

Portugal is an undiscovered jewel; it has remained one of the few European countries that stays below the radar when the swarms of Yanks and international travelers set their EEUU summer travel schedules. For those who have explored this magnificent country  discovering it’s myriad of gifts and options: undeveloped terrain, in-tact local traditions from the food to the clothing to the mythology, sweeping coastal vistas and now…


Welcome to paradise, Villa Extramuros, ( translation: outside of the walls)  in Arraiolos, Alentejo, Southern Portugal. This minimalist magnificence allows a cohabitation of interior and exterior, transcending all labels, it is as serene as it is exciting, as modern as it is traditional.

The Parisian owners have created a space lending to silence, while telling a grand story at the same time, the cork applied to exterior walls and ceilings and which dominates the guest house is locally sourced, as is the marble, and floors and staircases are waxed concrete. Artwork from the late 1920?s to the 1950’s is shown with traditional handicrafts next to contemporary young photographers.

The landscape is nothing short of spectacular, olive and orange trees and grazing sheep just add to the visual eye candy of this magical spot. Enjoy a massage, gym with a personal trainer, lounging by the pool and visits to local wineries and farms while staying. Cross country bicycle rides, horse and carriage rides, boat trips and aquatic sports are also available.

Photo by Alexander Gempeler
More information, Reservation & booking at www.villaextramuros.com