There’s A New Butcher in Town
Belcampo Meat Camp

Put down the tongs, Dad. It’s time to give someone else a try. At Belcampo Farms, situated at the foot of Mount Shasta in Northern California, the art of preparing a meaty meal is an experience everyone can enjoy. 

With exclusive getaways specifically for women or gay men, the aim at Belcampo is to flip the script on the traditional idea that grilling juicy slabs of beef and pork is for straight men only.


The camp was conceived and will be lead by Belcampo’s Co-Founder and CEO, Anya Fernald, and President of Belcampo Meat Co., Bronwen Hanna-Korpi. The two women, both extensively trained in all levels of food production, set about their dream of a true farm-to-table establishment back in 2012.

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  • Mount Shasta, California

    “Belcampo is a lot of things,” says the company’s website. “A farm, a processing plant, a neighborhood butcher shop, a restaurant.” Every detail is considered by the crew at Belcampo to ensure top quality products and environmental sustainability. A diverse community of cattle, chicken, swine, ducks and geese, quail and partridge, rabbits, sheep and goats occupy the 12,000-acre ranch.


    This varied range of animals help keep the pasture and soil healthy, ensuring that the free-range creatures stay happy and, in turn, delicious. This ranch hand wonderland was too beautiful to keep private, which is why Fernald and Hanna-Korpi opened the luxury camp this summer. In the true style of “glamping”, gay men or women reside in opulent tents loaded with amenities. While the grill heats up, one may treat him or herself to inclusive yoga classes and stretching exercises. Horseback riding, archery and other activities are on the mountainside menu as well.

    But the real experience is all about the meat. Women can “build confidence and comfort around the grill” while learning to cut, grill, serve and sauce meat. Interested in a bigger challenge? Try butchering and roasting an entire pig. At the end of a hard day of bloody labor, family style meals are served, followed by whiskey drinking, campfires and Uruguayan style asado. Straight men, don’t feel too left out.


    Due to popular demand, Belcampo has decided to offer a men’s course as well as a couples’ getaway and corporate retreats. All this luxury and ingenuity comes at a steep price, however. At $3,750 per person for three days of cowboy heaven ($2,500 to share accommodations) Belcampo’s revolutionary institution is not an experience for the casual meat-lover. For those cruelly deprived of grill time due to their sex or sexual orientation, the price may well be worth the vast knowledge the course has to offer.

    By Published on Jul 14 2015