The Other Side of Ibiza
La Granja
A stay at La Granja in Ibiza is a must for the conscious traveller – experience the beauty of elegant simplicity, meaningful rituals and biodynamic Iberian cuisine. Your soul will say: “Gracias!”
Written by François Correia
Photography courtesy of  La Granja Ibizia

biza is well known for its hedonistic party scene and there’s nothing wrong with that, yet there’s an alternative – the other side of Ibiza. At La Granja, a farmstead located in this beautiful Iberian island, one can indulge in meaningful connections, elevated sound experiences and exquisite biodynamic food.


Created with the intention to let one’s potential flourish, La Granja Ibiza is a one of a kind experience. The once private residence was preserved rather than transformed into a space to host guests. Dreimeta Design Studio oversaw the project, preserving the beauty of the rich Moorish architectural heritage and classical Iberian influences – highlighting the weatherworn imperfections of the building, in a showcase of the beauty of simplicity and time.

  • Farmstead
  • Carretera Forada a Sant Mateu KM 1 - Ibiza
  • Spain
  • +34 615 406 588

    The 9 bedrooms farmhouse and freestanding 2 bedrooms guesthouse – tucked away in 10 hectares of secluded farmland – feature arched walls, dark-wood beamed ceilings accented by hammered iron doorknobs and fixtures. Light plays a wonderful part in the design – the strong natural light floods through either big glassed or locally crafted wooden windows, providing a tantalising play with light & shadows on every room, making the most of the Spanish sunny days. The rooms afford 360-degree views of the island or of the private gardens accompanied by golden sunsets.


    Programs offered range from enlightened rituals, mindful meditations, communal farming and slow-food workshops to lectures on sustainability all of which foster a spirit of organic togetherness. Embracing a mediterranean diet as a lifestyle, the guest should expect plenty of biodynamic meals to be enjoyed at the communal table of the farm.


    La Granja aims to preserve the natural beauty of the island through local initiatives and programs supporting organic farming, providing in a way more than just a visit but rather a space to feel a side of Ibiza untouched by time and tourism, taking in all the beauty amongst the scents of citrus forests, painterly mediterranean sunsets and the sense that one is present in the moment.

    "The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay."

    By Published on Jul 28 2017