The Ceviche Fisherman
Home at Dawn


he exact origins of ceviche are, to some extent, a matter of debate. Conventional wisdom says Peru, where the fresh, flavorful fish dish remains (especially in coastal regions) a point of national pride. And certainly a confluence of factors argues for Peru as the true home of ceviche: the acidity of Peruvian limes; the presence, more than a century old, of a sushi-oriented Japanese community; and the bounty of the Humbolt current, which introduces Antarctic waters to warmer seas along South America’s Pacific Coast, resulting in a bounty of tasty marine life. To read the full story visit Jungles in Paris.

Filmmakers – Bill Silva and Guille Isa
Editor – Bill Silva
Color – Ashley Ayarza
Audio mix – Josh Wilson
Text – Darrell Hartman

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By Published on Jun 15 2016
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