The Ancient Thermal Baths of Vals
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isitors traveling to 7132 Hotel (Formerly Hotel Therme Vals) should be warned – this will not be a typical mass tourism experience, and there won’t be a tour bus in sight. 7132 is located in Vals, Switzerland, a remote village 2 hours from Zurich.


Nestled in the Valser Valley, in the middle of the Central Alps and Adua mountains of Switzerland, Vals is a town that is focused on maintaining the history and integrity of the area. Vals – and the Hotel 7132 – is a locale for a very off the beaten path vacation and for travelers searching for a slower pace. Tranquility and natural surroundings take center stage here, while the buildings in town will also satisfy any travelers with an interest in architecture.

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    Known for the ancient thermal baths, the village of Vals has changed surprisingly little since it was settled in the 13th and 14th centuries. The nearly 1,000 residents immigrated from Upper Valais, are predominantly Roman Catholic and are German speaking. To this day the town continues to function as an original mountain town. Livestock are still bred here, producing fresh milk, cream, butter yogurt and cheese for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. The farmers have recently converted to certified organic farming but otherwise uphold many traditional techniques.


    The Hotel 7132 was named after the postal code of Vals. The name 7132 was chosen to symbolize the loyalty and close relationship that the hotel has to it’s home in Vals. It is a commitment to standards of authenticity and premium quality that the village has set and maintained for many years. Beyond the thermal baths, 7132 offers 4 restaurants highlighting food that was grown and produced in the region, as well as on-site concerts to let visitors comfortably enjoy the evenings.

    The real highlight is 7132’s spa, which was built with stacked walls made from 60,000 Vals quartzite slabs. Therme will make all other thermal spas pale in comparison. The building was designed by architect Peter Zumthor who used only locally available building material in a tribute to the architecture and history of Vals. All surfaces in the building, including the pool floors, ceilings, stairs benches, and door frames, have the same layering principle to make the building feel as though they are built out of one piece of stone. 


    The thermal baths are worth the trip to Vals alone, but with over 50 peaks to explore in Vals, visitors can be endlessly entertained with 140 km of hiking trails and off-the-beaten path ski slopes. These activities are a wonderful way to be active and warm up before coming to 7132 for a relaxing soak in the thermal baths. Come to Vals with plenty of time to soak in the true meaning of 7132 – a leisurely and more tranquil pace where time becomes unimportant and slows down.  

    Written by Caroline Hughes

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    By Published on Jan 20 2016