Step Up Your Workout Game
Boutique gyms and workout gear that are all the rage

Fitness studios in NYC are like restaurants, everyone has their neighborhood favorites, there are the top rated ones, and some you casually encounter. To ensure you don’t end up running on the treadmill 3x a week at your local gym, we’ve created a guide with the best studios that are bound to test your physical limits.



Written by Gabriela Martinez-Campos



Taryn Toomey’s method uses your body in a way that channels intensity not only to strengthen, but soothe as well. Hers is a cathartic movement practice intended to stimulate peace through strength. The class ends with this intense hand motion that is oddly liberating and releases so much emotional retention. Her new studio in Tribeca is what spiritual chic dreams were made from and really sets the bar for what we can expect from our daily fitness escape.

Flatiron / Tribeca


Trampoline, dance-aerobics is the new craze. It really doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Most of the class is spent working on a fast paced trampoline choreography, that is bound to pump up your heart rate. However, this high-intensity cardio workout always addresses abs and arms as well. This is an all-around super high-energy class that leaves you feeling very strong and proud of the very obvious result from the workout.


If you like hot yoga and feeling renewed this is the place to go. There are two locations. One in the West Village and the other in Williamsburg. When in need to reconnect emotionally, mentally and physically Modo is the place to go. It is a great workout, you sweat your heart out (but it is not as hot as Bikram), and it really aligns your chakras, without any weird, preachy instructors. One of the only yoga classes in the city where the girl-guy ratio is close to even and the guys are totally normal.

West Village / Williamsburg


This trendy underground boxing studio is gritty, witty and fun. Feel like you are in an underground boxing club that has loud tunes playing and motivating phrases throughout the ring. A full body workout that focuses on technique as well as high-intensity cardio. Attend one of the night classes and catch their fun evening events and parties that are held in the building.


Sky Ting has two locations in downtown Manhattan and their latest one even has a sauna. This yoga studio has classes that are very technical and extremely restorative. Get in touch with your body and your mind as you take one of the classes. Although you don’t leave drenched in sweat, you can definitely feel a better energy and realignment that is extremely satisfying.

Chinatown / Tribeca
Nolita / SoHo / West Village


With three locations in downtown NY founder Heather Andersen is a tireless machine. Her studios have some of the best design in the city. They can be described as open and airy with a sense of zen. The classes are technical and really get into our nooks and crannies. It is not a class you leave in a sweat but you are conscious about those movements and muscles for days to come.


This small studio set on the Bowery has a really fun repertoire of classes. It is usually a mix of upbeat dance + aerobics, which makes it the perfect combination for a full-body workout.

By Published on Mar 29 2017