Step Up Your Art Game
5 Apps to Download Now
Photo Credit  @ Tezi Gabunia

We have sourced five key apps to help navigate your way around NY Art Week. Research interesting galleries, identify work by the click of a button, create personal guides and talk with educated advisors as you travel in between galleries.

Written by Gabriela Martinez-Campos



Browse thousands of artwork, discover and buy contemporary art, track down latest gallery shows, and read award wining coverage in one app. Also, keep track of the art and objects you love in your personalized gallery.



Think Shazam for art. Take photos of any artwork and instantly get artists, title and price. Also use the map to show galleries and museums near you, including hours and current exhibitions. Save all your pieces and findings on your personalized dashboard.



With interactive features like schedule planning and customizable maps, Exhibitionary uses a simple interface that will cater both to art aficionados and those new to the gallery scene.


Art World

Think Tinder for art. See current shows by swiping left and right to those you care about. Find artists, curators, and location details when clicking on the images. Let Art World map out or list view your choices.



Plan out how an art piece will look in your space before going to an art gallery or fair.

By Published on Mar 03 2017