Rome Up Close and Personal
CasaCau Appartamenti a Trevi

Rome is an enchanting place and for the curious traveller it has been, for centuries, the epitome of adventure. Poetry, films and music have shared with the world its wonders and charm – there is nothing like arriving in the eternal city.


In its heart and close to the Trevi fountain, one of the most iconic symbols of Italy, lays imposing CasaCau – luxury serviced apartments as unique as its surroundings. To start, a welcoming lounge welcomes guests into the cool and vibrant building as a member of the CasaCau team makes your check-in as smooth as arriving at a close friend’s home.

  • Design Standard
  • Via in Arcione 94
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 6929 0159

    With keys in hand you can experience one of wonderful six vintage apartments – a time capsule of 50s and 70s Roman cool in the historical building circa the 17th century. The apartments were conceived to showcase the great furniture design, history and the owner’s love for traveling. Mr. Pino Cau – an Italian entrepreneur and world connoisseur, is a man of great taste. Memorable design elements of the owner’s own personal collection populate the spaces and inform the guest of his journey around the world– from typewriting machines, artifacts and leather armchairs all beautifully displayed on a backdrop of sober hues on the walls.


    The interior design was left in charge of Italian artist Nora P who gave a completely different feel to each space with wonderful design details. Beautiful contemporary art work enriches the walls and share the space with reproductions of ancient frescos. Your experience will be different depending on the apartment you stay: some have bathtubs; Turkish baths and even a sauna and all have wonderful organic Italian products from Natural Lab.


    All apartments come with a practical kitchen – coffee, tomato sauces, Parmesan cheese and pasta are at your disposal for that quick in-house meal and breakfast is delivered every morning in charming straw baskets at your door. Seletti china and cutlery, organic jams and olive oil produced by the owner’s own farm and vintage champagne glasses from Sardinia are attentive details that elevate your experience of using the open plan kitchen.

    You can watch the thrilling Italian street dynamics from your balcony or retire from the noise and street life all together by only closing your sound proofed large windows.


    And should you wish to explore the in the know gourmet scene in Rome, CasaCau has Stazione di Posta, a Michelin stared restaurant in the up and coming area of Testaccio – the restaurant is a contemporary take on the traditional and famous Italian cuisine, a bio- gourmet experience. The restaurant space – a former butchery house – is an affair made of glass, iron and stone and has young and cool chef and crowd. It’s a place to experience the best in organic produce with an award-winning bar and to discover an Italian gastronomy way beyond its tradition.


    CasaCau is in way one of those places that is so full of personality that it is much better to experience it than to talk about it – it is Mr. Cau’s introduction to his guests of a Rome that is young, adventurous and free. It’s like the frescoes on the ancient palaces, telling a story that is still on the making and waiting for you to add your chapter to it – your own tale of Rome.

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    By Published on Jan 05 2016