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Stora Hotellet
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On the salty coast of Umea, one of Sweden’s largest and most historic port cities, lays a luxury hotel reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest. Stora Hotellet, located on the Gulf of Bothnia in Northeast Sweden, is the ideal destination for those seeking a luxury vacation with a colorful twist of nautical adventure.

  • Royal
  • Storgatan 46
  • 903 26 Umeå, Sweden
  • +46 90 77 88 70

    The soft, deciduous features of Umeå create a beautiful environment year-round. The hotel itself, extensively decorated in elegant nostalgia, reflects the storied history of the port city. Stora Hotellet, translated as Great Hotel, opened its doors in 1895 and is just a short walking distance to the city center. In years past, it used to serve as an entertainment hub for locals.


    As its reputation proudly suggests, the hotel has a long history of housing royalty alongside the gritty local fishing crowd. Today it remains a beacon of inclusivity in the often overlooked northern region of Sweden. The nautical themed hotel offers a range of rooms, varying from sea cabin-inspired bunk beds to grand, spacious suites clad with golden ornamentation.

    The Gotthard’s Krog Restaurant, named after the founder of the hotel, is the highest ranked dining establishment in the city and serves top quality dishes emblematic of the region’s local cuisine. While the decor gives the space a “salty tavern” feel, the attention to detail and excellent cuisine makes Gotthard’s an experience worthy of royalty.


    Whether traveling alone or looking for family fun, Stora Hotellet is ready to accommodate. It’s time to look beyond (or rather, above) the traditional destinations of southern Scandinavia and satisfy your wanderlust with a new type of journey.

    Written by Alex Brock

    By Published on Mar 12 2015