09 Sep 2015 - 6:12 pm

The first raw vegan food restaurant in Italy, located in trendy Via Panfilo Castaldi in Milan, Mantra is a truly unique place.


A labour of love from Italian entrepreneur Marina De’ll Utri, the restaurant is creating a buzz with its inventive and delicious raw food creations.


The brand design was given to youthful and trendy Milanese design agency Super Cake, which brought the idea of ‘seed level’ to all aspects of the brand, combining the elements of the cooking and the thoughts of mantras which both work on planting goodness for the body and the mind. From the package design to the furniture, raw woods and pastel colours abound, everything was conceived to create a unique fashionable experience with a touch of Zen – it is Milan after all.


The open space of the restaurant is full of light and you have at your hands a wonderful deli, selling the unique produce coming from the ‘raw lab’ – you can actually see the chefs in action – and the restaurant space has beautiful details such as the wallpaper. The kitchen is in the capable hands of ‘food designer’ Alberto Aminio Paluello, an Italian chef whose creative talent has been fine-tuned in California. He trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy – the Vatican for raw food.


This is a place to be unique, to be seen in a different light – after all this is a revolution in the way you think about food. Join the in the know Milanese crowd packing the place and you are sure to leave lighter, happier and with a different glow on your skin. It is rawsome Italian cuisine, as you have never known!


  • Design
  • Via Panfilo Castaldi 21
  • Milan, Italy
  • 718-384-1990
  • www.mantrarawvegan.com