04 Oct 2013 - 8:40 am

Whoever said a country getaway couldn’t be glamorous, clearly hadn’t been to this enchanting resort. Drive an hour of Melbourne, and guests will be met with 10 acres of Victoria’s Red Hill revamped into a tranquil holiday spot named Orchard Keepers.

Couples, children and friends can frolic around the neighbouring vineyards and reside happily in the 4 bedroom guesthouse and the separate Workers Cottage.

Lashings of white interior with concrete counters and pale timbers evoke a peaceful yet modern abode.

Retail therapy, hot springs, cooking classes and tree surfing are all nearby activities to try.

Stay a night or two and enjoy the sophisticated secret of Australia – sat atop vintage furniture watching the world go by.

Orchard Keepers Hotel
17 Paringa Road,
Red Hill South Victoria 3397

More information at www.orchardkeepers.com.au