25 Sep 2015 - 3:47 pm

A new branch of Houston’s famous Crave Cupcakes has opened up in Woodlands, Texas and it is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tongue.

An experimental project of the much-heralded AvroKo design firm, Crave Cupcakes & Coffee evokes the playfulness of cupcakes in the building’s decor and aesthetic.


Pastel walls are offset by natural wood, adding a soothing coffee shop vibe that invites customers to spend the day. Although Crave was originally intended to be a grab-and-go bakery, the cheerful adornments and wide open spaces tend to be too appealing to abandon.


The team at AvroKo has made it their mission to build “concept-driven spaces [in which] every element relates to a central narrative”. Crave C & C certainly fits this objective. At it’s core, the boutique bakery is silly, blithe and bubbly, as is the nature of the cupcake. Although the venue itself may be seen as an architectural feat to be admired, it simply does not allow itself to be taken so seriously. The impressive display of copper and glass are quickly brought down to Earth by pillowy pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.


There is truly something for everybody at Crave C & C, as the shop offers an extensive array of daily specialties, including vegan and gluten-free recipes. Why get vanilla or chocolate when the options of Italian cream, hummingbird, and dulce de leche exist? Carrot, candy bar, coconut – you name it. It’s all available within the exquisitely crafted walls of Crave Cupcakes & Coffee.

  • Design
  • 2501 Research Forest Dr
  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • (713) 622-7283
  • www.avroko.com