Modern Hospitality in Traditional Venice
Casa Flora, Venice
The perfect home for the design savvy traveler in the Heart of Venice, Italy
Written by Gabriela Martinez-Campos
Photography Courtesy of Casa Flora

In an attempt to combine hospitality and custom design, hotelier Gioele Romanelli and creative director Diego Paccagnella, designed a unique space that welcomes travelers in the heart of Venice, Italy. Casa Flora challenges traditional hospitality models and integrates design with tourism. This is an Italian-design apartment that has the comforts of a boutique hotel but the freedom of a local private home.

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    “Feel less like visitors, and more like Venetians”

    The interior of Casa Flora was custom made by Italian and local artisanal companies. Over 20 different partnerships were formed to make the project a reality. The house is made up of two parts, a social public space on one side and a more private and intimate corner on the other. Guests can host dinner parties or work meetings in the social core of the house. There is a fully equipped kitchen where local chefs prepare menus for your events.


    The private bedrooms are inspired by the colors of the lagoons of Venice. Each room contains a small reading area and SPA. The bathrooms are designed to feel like a “relaxing greenhouse” as it is open and decorated with indoor plants.

    The designers of Casa Flora began their adventure to create a design residence in 2015 when they got a group of six students from different design institutions to rethink tourism systems and outdated hospitality. With Gioele Romanelli experience in hospitality and Diego Paccagnella entreperneurariship in interior design the concept came together. “Casa Flora is the place where visitors interact with that contemporary face of Venice made of hard working artisans, fabricators, designers, tailors, shoemakers, chefs, and artists and they do so by touching, living and experiencing custom-made environment designed that are produced locally.”


    The hotel is finally opening their doors on March 23 after two years in creation. It became a space for local companies to showcase their work, for young designers to show their talents, and for emerging chefs to practice and develop traditional dishes in a contemporary forms.


    Casa Flora offers personal services and itineraries similarly to traditional hotels. However, Gioele and his wife have curated guides that gives the travelers a different perspective to the traditional tours. Guests can take boat tours at night and learn about local dishes from local chefs. They allow guests to feel less like visitors and more like Venetians.

    For those who are lucky enough to visit the grounds of Casa Flora, the items on display can be purchased online. The team has a selection of special design pieces crafted by Venetian and regional artists who helped make the project possible. Casa Flora gives travelers the opportunity to feel right at home with the comfort of a beautifully designed boutique establishment.

    Photography courtesy of Casa Flora

    By Published on Mar 24 2017