Contemporary Vacation Masterpieces
Mirror Houses


urrounded by mountains and orchards, the Mirror Houses are two vacation homes set in the South Tyrol Dolomites in Northern Italy. The adjoined houses are contemporary masterpieces perfect for a luxury getaway in the midst of nature.


Designed by architect Peter Pichler, the Mirror Houses reflect the distant Dolomites in the mirrored and westerly facing facade. The sides of the exterior fade into windowed structuring which continues to the eastern facade, boasting floor to ceiling windows. The structure of the dwelling pair appears to hover as they are raised on a platform.

  • Design Standard
  • Via Agruzzo 75,
  • Bolzano, Italy
  • +39 333 6606669

    The interior of the Mirror Houses is just as luxurious and sleek as the outside. With an open floor plan, the doors function as sliding walls to put the layout in the control of guests. Also in control of the light and airiness, guests can choose to open the skylights and the glass doors that lead to the outdoor terrace. With extra pale floors and white walls throughout, the homes provide a brightly clean feel.


    Privacy was a key factor when designing the pair of vacation homes and each has private parking with separate entrances. Further integrating nature and privacy, the houses are divided outdoors by a greenery wall overgrown with vines. Outside features include a dipping pool and a picturesque garden.


    Conveniently located close to the city and countryside, The Mirror Houses provide guests a robust list of opportunities to explore.

    The obvious choice for activity is hiking and taking in the vast mountain range views. However, more adventurous sports are readily available such as ATV’ing, hot air ballooning, and rafting. There’s a full array of winter sports as well. When guests tire of the action, the capitol of South Tyrol, Bolzano, is a short distance away.


    The diverse city of Bolzano offers an abundance of culture, tradition, cuisine, and activities. Dating as far back as the 3rd century, Bolzano’s sights include Gothic cathedrals, Romanesque monuments, and Baroque art pieces. The city is also known for its fresh market stalls offering local produce— upon which an Italian feast can be prepared in the Mirror House’s exquisite full kitchen.


    Whether visiting for wine tours of South Tyrol or skiing the Dolomites, the Mirror Houses offer an unbelievable experience that caters to those seeking luxury in the lap of nature.

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