12 Apr 2014 - 11:40 am

In Weil am Rhein, Germany, the Vitra Design Museum hosts the exhibition of designer Konstantin Grcic. “Panorama” is a concept that explores the reunion of artistic and social relevance in design. The themes that are covered in this visual journey are new technologies, quality of life, sustainability, and some of the designer’s moments of utopia and fiction, which makes the exhibition also a personal narrative. Grcic divided “Panorama” into four different spaces, each one holding a key to the general concept:


The first section, Life Space, shows an experimental living environment that reflects human habitational needs in the 21st century. The second section, Work Space, presents the fictional studio of a designer and documents the working process of Konstantin Grcic himself, while posing fundamental questions about contemporary design. The third section, Public Space, investigates the public sphere that transports the visitor to a monumental cityscape of the future. The fourth section, Object Space, examines the work of Grcic via a plethora of objects, inspirations and references.”


Opening hours: daily 10am-6pm

From 20/03 to 14/09/2012

Images: Vitra Museum by Mark Niedermann

More information on: www.design-museum.de