Inside Brazil's Most Exclusive Island
by François Correia

Fernando de Noronha is far away – blissfully far. The environmentally protected archipelago off the coast of Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil, is a 5 hour flight from Rio de Janeiro – but the distance and seclusion makes for a superior and exclusive experience.

Only one of the islands is open to the general public – the others are territory of marine research, reef protection and local mermaid myths.


Visitors pay a daily eco-tax for the duration of their stay and access to some of the beaches is heavily controlled – sun-cream is even forbidden in some beaches so not to harm the coral reefs and marine life. You will be greeted with warm smiles, outstanding sunsets and many wonderful moments that will keep you happy for a very long time.


Pousada Zé Maria


By the iconic symbol of the island, Pousada Zé Maria is the place to stay, with an efficient and attentive service, 12 sophisticated bungalows, chic spa and a wonderfully scenic swimming pool. This upmarket guest house is where things happen in the island.

(+55 81) 3619 1258 – Book



Da Praia Noronha

Pousada Da Praia


Da Praia is a special place – with only 5 suites, the experience here is bespoke yet relaxed. After all, it is the only boutique place on the island that is literally on the beach. Breakfast on the veranda is a delight – the name of the chef is Diva and her cakes and dishes are truly divine.

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Teju Acu Noronha 2

Eco Pousada Teju – açu


Teju-açu is an eco-boutique stay that is all about sustainability. The wonderful bungalows are an affair made of beautiful fabrics, straw and natural woods all surrounded by beautiful gardens and with endless views of the island’s landscapes. The restaurant is renowned for its Peruvian Brazilian fusion cuisine.

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Pousada-maravilha-pool side

Pousada Maravilha


The name says it all – it’s marvellous. Well located and with exquisitely designed spaces that make for a wonderful stay, the small hotel also boasts an infinity pool with magnificent views.

(+55 81) 3125 0028Book



Beijupira F Noronha

Beijupirá Noronha


With artisan interior design and an excellent team, Beijupirá provides a very unique stay. Its interiors are inspired by the local north-eastern décor – white fabrics, lace, straws and mystical-indigenous and religious decorative elements. It’s atmospheric to its core.


(+55 81) 3049-1027 – Book

Ze Maria F Noronha

Festival Gastronômico


The wonderful Festival Gastronômico at Pousada Zé Maria is a gourmet experience that showcases the best of Brazilian cuisine – the chefs are experts and one has the chance to try very unique local dishes immersed in exotic flavors – stories about the ingredients and dishes are told by the chefs before you enjoy this amazing chic buffet.




Varanda Restaurant


A charming place under the command of charming chef Auricélio Romão . Varanda is an excellent option  with an accomplished choice of fish and seafood dishes. The open spaces and outdoors dinning is as tropical as it comes.



O Pico Noronha dish

 O Pico Deli- Restaurant


A wonderful space for a light meal in beautiful surroundings – Brazilian tapas, salads and an art gallery and crafts boutique that is worth a visit.




Beijupira F Noronha dish

Beijupirá Restaurant


The renowned Beijupirá brand doesn’t disappoint here – with an atmospheric restaurant in a semi-open thatched roof space – the ambience is candle lit and the sounds of nature produce the perfect soundtrack for your al fresco dinning experience.


Neuronha store



A brand born on the island – this is the place for all things surf-wear. A cool collection of caps, bikinis and board-shorts.




O Pico art gallery interior Noronha

O Pico – Art Gallery Boutique


Showcasing an amazing selection of local art – paintings, lace work, ceramics and beautiful jewellery, O Pico is a delightful space. There is a wonderful array of summer shirts and light garments for those breeze star-studded evenings by the beach.



Baia dos Porcos F Noronha

 Beaches & Natural Pools


Visit the otherworldly beaches including the most beautiful beach in world, Baía do Sancho. Depending on the season, a waterfall appears. You can only get here by boat or through a tunnel via a cave.

Often times you can spend hours with no one else around on the island’s beaches. The access is controlled by Brazil’s environmental agency –  crystal clear waters, reefs, dolphins and turtles galore are carefully monitored. An adventure that rewards the traveller with magical moments of discovery.


Pousada da Praia - Surf F Noronha

 Surf & Hawaiian Canoeing


Fernando de Noronha is a surfing paradise. The waves are strong, tall and beautiful. Surf and canoeing classes are available and should you want to go pro there is no one better then Alef Alves – the Brazilian Hawaiian canoe champion – to guide you through the pristine waves into that magical moment when you stand on your feet on your surf-board and own the wave!



Pousada da Praia - Baby turtle - Noronha

Turtle spotting


The marine life in the waters burst with colours and variety. The island is a sanctuary for turtles, dolphins, sharks and manta rays. The Tamar Project allows visitors to swim among the turtles on their feeding grounds at Praia do Sueste and from November to January you can assist the environment team to tag and monitor the turtles – this period is the egg laying & hatching season. You can watch the turtles come onto the beach to lay their eggs and then watch the hundreds of baby turtles make their way into the sea – an  amazing natural life cycle.



By Published on Jan 26 2016