Iceland from Above
An Exhibition at Modern Times

Holm delights audiences with her new series of Iceland’s river deltas, documenting their movement of minerals through streams and rivers leading out to sea.



Photography by Brooke Holm



ineral Matter, the new photographic series by Brooke Holm, explores the power and fragility of nature through Iceland’s dynamic river deltas and seas. Documenting the movement of volcanic ash, sediment, and colorful minerals, which collect and flow with the tide of glacier water in a powerful display of nature’s complexity, Brooke delivers a compelling series of the landscape.

Mineral Matter is more focused on the energy and force within nature in creating pathways and areas where humans can then reside.

Photographed entirely from above, she captures recent human relics such as vehicle tracks and footsteps, which weave in and out of frame. “In this terribly beautiful yet forbidding landscape where the forces of nature are profound, the limits of humanity’s dominion over the environment are brought into question,” Brooke explains. Brooke’s passion for nature and her strong desire to investigate the relationship between humans and the environment is the driving force behind her evocative and significant photographic practice.


Currently based in New York, Holm’s practice takes her across the world, documenting landscapes in a considered and distinctive approach for which she has become renowned.

Holm is able to represent the forceful command of nature with a divine sensitivity, textured tracks; flights of birds; and ripple of waves create a sense of uninhabited wilderness. Holm’s lens captures the awe-inspiring influence of nature and puts humanity’s domination over the environment into question.


Photography Exhibition

Mineral Matter

by Brooke Holm

Modern Times
311 Smith Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Opens Thursday September 21, 6-8pm

By Published on Aug 29 2017