Historic Retreat
Resort Borgo Egnazia

The Resort Borgo Egnazia is located in the town of Savelletri di Fasano in the region of Puglia.


While this region is well known by Italians as a prime destination for their summer excursions, its remote location at the heel of Italy has kept it a from many foreign travelers.


Taking inspiration from the ancient history of its surroundings, the resort blends seamlessly into the landscape in spite of its 40 acres of beautiful luxury.

  • Royal Standard
  • Savelletri di Fasano 72015
  • Fasano Brindisi, Italy
  • +39 080 225 5000
  • www.borgoegnazia.com

    With the Adriatic at its feet and the agricultural richness of the surrounding farmlands, the resorts restaurants maintain close relationships with the towns’ fishermen and farmers, providing an exceptional and true farm to table kitchen for its guests. With its traditional tufa white stonewalls its design perfectly marries the regions native architectural language to a contemporary sensibility.


    From rooms to private villas, the resort offers a variety of accommodations for guests and families of any size. But, what makes the Borgo Egnazia truly unique is their ability to weave traditional Apulian culture with luxurious activities and amenities for its guests. Throughout the year the Borgo’s piazza, which is located in the center of the property, organizes festivals and events that highlight the region’s rural traditions.

    The resort also offers activities for children and teenagers as well as tennis, a spa, and a world-renowned golf course with views of the azure waters of the sea. For those wanting to further their understanding of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, cooking classes are available. In addition to the resort’s wealth of activities, the region’s rich history and diverse landscape will have you yearning to explore it. Like most Mediterranean towns, Puglia’s coastal location has brought more than one culture to its shores.


    Both Ancient Greeks and Romans settled the area, to name a few, and the region hosts many amazing archaeological sites. Some of the extraordinary towns that are a must-see are the city of Otranto and the city of Lecce. Famously known as the “Florence of the South,” Lecce is home to some of the most stunning baroque churches. While the white beaches make this destination a hot spot during the summer months, visiting in the late spring or early fall is just as beautiful.

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    Written by Danielle Short



    By Published on May 05 2015