Ring Road, Iceland

Where have you just come back from? How was it! What did you do there?


I just spent the be first week of June in Iceland. It was an insane experience! Me and a friend drove the Ring Road in Iceland and just took tons of photos. Iceland’s landscapes are just insane!


Describe your most perfect view.


It would have to be maybe something along the beach. Like maybe, me sitting in my ideal home, with the view of the beach with the patio doors wide open.


You photograph both landscape and urban areas – Do you find it easier / more inspiring to shoot one over the other?


I like landscapes a lot more, there is more freedom to move around and add your own things to the minimal setting, rather than deal with the busyness of the urban areas.


Instagram became such a force among photographers. Does it affect the way you shoot?


I wouldn’t say it affects how I shoot. I would say it affects what I post maybe. I post mostly iPhone stuff on Instagram, so I am careful to curate what I post, but it doesn’t affect what I shoot professionally or anything like that.


“The feeling when you look at a photo and then your mind just wanders and you try to create a story for the whole photo, I love that. "

What is the best place you have traveled to? And where are dying to go next?


Iceland landscape was one of my favorites, but Copenhagen was definitely my favorite city in Europe. I’m obsessed with Scandinavian design. I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand next.


What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?


When I shoot, I try to create images that either spark a memory or emotion in a person. Like to feel something. The feeling when you look at a photo and then your mind just wanders and you try to create a story for the whole photo, and you try to create personas for the people. I love that.

From Chicago to Paris to Iceland and LA, Matt Scorte spreads his love for photography all over the world. And what better way to expand the mind and capture the right moment when it happens than traveling? Matt has recently returned from a road trip in Iceland and while his Instagram account carries a diversity of styles and themes, we were drawn to particular trip. His simple, minimalist eye suits Iceland’s landscape like a glove. Be sure to visit his site to see more of his art.

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By Published on Jul 28 2015