Newfoundland, Canada
Text by Caroline Hughes

Many of your photos are gorgeous landscape shots. Where do you draw inspiration?


I do my best to get off the beaten path whenever possible. I simply photograph what I see, and a lot of times the landscape itself dictates the composition and color of the image. The most important thing is placing yourself in a location that inspires you, especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone.


Can you tell me a bit about Fogo Island? What was the most remarkable thing about it?


Fogo Island is a pretty unbelievable place. At just 15.5 miles X 8.5 miles it’s the perfect place to spend a few days exploring. The Shorefast Foundation, established in 2003, has been working to revitalize the island for a few years. In collaboration with Fogo Island Arts and the native Newfoundlander, Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture, they created the beautiful and iconic artist studios which are available for residency. When we heard about the contemporary architecture on the island we had to go see it for ourselves!


Were you surprised by what you found? It looks like an incredibly unique place, still mainly undiscovered.


As soon as we set foot on the ferry we knew we were in for a treat. The island’s landscape is sparse and rugged, and it was really special to experience the juxtaposition of the terrain and the contemporary architecture. We were certainly pleased to have the studios mainly to ourselves!


“I find that when I leave the plans open, the most beautiful things happen."

What is the best way to explore a new place?


Just wing it. I find that when I leave the plans open, the most beautiful things happen.


Do you have any travel rituals you’d like to share?


I never leave home without my Nemo travel pillow. Being in a different bed so often can be disorienting at times, so having something consistent is key.

Constantly in motion, Sarah Murphy is a New York area based photographer, textile designer and founder of Miles & Miles, an interdisciplinary brand that creates beautiful stories across media.

Sarah’s well composed shots allow the beautiful landscapes and engaging city streets she captures to speak for themselves. Her background in textiles comes through in her images – with warm colors and strong lines drawing the viewer in. You are sure to develop a serious case of wanderlust after browsing her photos, so browse away.

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By Published on Feb 23 2016
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