Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cover photo by Rana Pipiens

By looking at your feed we see you have a certain connection to food. Where does it come from?


I firmly believe that the dining table is where meaningful, memorable, conversations take place. Cliche but true: I grew up in a family of great cooks, and have many childhood memories of food-based gatherings. I also lived in Melbourne, Australia for six years when the food scene was just warming up, and ate and drank my way through the never-ending list of cafes … Food has always been and continues to be central to my identity and photography helps me deepen my understanding of myself as I forge ahead in life.


Where have you just got back from?


The Perhentian Islands in Terengganu, Malaysia to witness a close friend’s wedding proposal. The skies were blue, the water was clear but given the purpose of the trip and it being a first visit, we barely got to explore the islands. It’s high up on my “must visit again” list.


You said you use Instagram just for fun. How did you acquire such a big following?


You could say it was completely by fluke! Fun fact: My Instagram account used to be private. My regular barista thought my photos had a wider appeal and challenged me to make my account public for a month. I was surprised that I enjoyed the conversations that my photos generated and the peer reviews I was getting. I never went back but instead, worked on developing a what people call a ‘voice’ or style of my own.


Favorite place to photograph?


Bright, empty cafes, moments before the morning rush. I also love buildings and landscapes equally, but these are admittedly, not my natural forte.


“I firmly believe that the dining table is where meaningful, memorable, conversations take place."

What inspires you to create?


The love of travel, a desire to deepen ongoing conversations and constant hunger of wanting to level up. Apart from food, you know I have a mild obsession with light and shadow which I get to explore through both photography and architecture. I get a kick out of a quiet meal in a well-lit and well-composed space.


What constitutes a great feed, in your opinion?


Consistency in the “mood” or “style” of the photos, regular updates and active community engagement – all of which are best developed over time.


Tell us about a great little place you know.


So many – I’m a big fan of great little places! A not-so-little place that’s stuck in my head is The Kettle Black in Melbourne, Australia. Friendliest and hardest working owners, beautiful and well-lit interiors as well as impeccable food and drink – The Kettle Black experience is to me, second to none.

Sher Reen Lim is an architect from Malaysia who just happens to take beautiful pictures everywhere she goes. A firm believer in spending quality time at the dinner table, Lim cites food as central to her identity. From charming coffee shops in her hometown of Kuala Lumpur to sophisticated restaurants in Melbourne, you can count on her Instagram feed to open up your appetite.

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By Published on Jul 07 2015