Istanbul, Turkey
Cover photo by Dilara Harmanci

What was your most recent trip?


I was – found myself – in Iran. I have spent the most fascinating days of my life there. It was not what I have thought but far better. Modern, every bit of it was beautiful, civilization was shocking, and has a lot a lot of culture.


Your photography includes a fine combination of landscape, still life and portrait. Is that due to your diverse eye?


Yes, I get excited seeing different landscapes under different lights. I try to feel, how these landscapes were about 20 or 50 years ago; or I try to understand people, how they live – who are them – what they do. Combining what I feel and curiosity; creates the energy to frame landscape, still life and portrait.


What message are you trying to convey through your photography?


Details and moments. I want to show how I see the details in the places; color combinations, a simple shadow, routine during the daily life – how they spend their time…


Is photography a part of your daily life?


I imagine or I think of a place in a photographic frame – most of the time. Since I take my iPhone – good quality camera – to everywhere I go, it’s easy to capture moments I live during daily life.


“I imagine places in a photographic frame most of the time."

Where is the most inspiring place that you have been to?


Not specific location but local people who don’t give a care that cameras are around. This gives inspiration to me!


What do you like to capture the most throughout your journeys? Is there a pattern that you follow?


Ongoing life. When I look back to my photographs I want to remember what I felt in that city, with its people in their natural life. Small details in the doors, windows, shadows, street culture which has an influence on foods, clothes; highlighting people’s lifestyle.


Instagram has become very competitive among photographers, do you get affected by it?


Instagram was really helpful for me, it gave me opportunity to improve myself with day-to-day open platform contributed by great inspirations. I only got affected in a positive way by Instagram.

This young Turkish photographer has captivated all our attention this week, as we stumbled upon her utterly colorful and insightful Instagram account. Dilara Harmanci has a photojournalistic aura, her images speaking multiple languages and exposing the diverse layers of cultures far away. A recent trip to Iran proved to be life changing to her, as she captured the soul of the Iranian people. Have a look at some of her other photos and be happily pleased that you won’t be looking away anytime soon.

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By Published on Sep 21 2015