Brooklyn, New York

Where are you from? How does that shape the way you see the world?


I’m from a small village in Portugal called Fundão. This place is known for being a great producer of cherries. As you know, cherries just blossom in a single part of the year. The truth is, it never seemed fair to me that people just found the place beautiful in a single part of the year. So I tried to discover the beauty of the village in other small things during the rest of the time. It increased my creative eye, I think.


Describe your most perfect view.


It depends from where I am. If I could escape from the winter in New York to a caribbean beach during 3 or 4 days that would be a perfect view at that time. If I could fly to see my family and friends after a 6 month’s period without seeing them, that would be a perfect view too. It depends from where I am. But I think everything looks better in the golden hours.


What’s your travel mantra?


Backpack, clean sheets, good company, running shoes and a charged camera.


Favorite place in the world, and why?

I’ll let you know when I see them all.


“Less is always more. Some people like to add things, I like to cut them. "

I can’t live without my…

I can live without many things I have. I just don’t want to, specially after I had paid for them.


Has instagram affected the way you photograph? If so, how?

Completely. In terms of content, Instagram brought this idea that everyone can be a photographer. The truth is, everyone can photograph but it takes different skills to be one. Instagram made me do the effort, made me explore more about photography so I could be not just one more using the app but someone who makes the difference in it. It’s always a work in progress.


I can somewhat see your style evolving over time through your social media. Do you consider yourself more of a minimalist now and was thats shift conscious?


It was not. I think it shifts with time. When you start, you want to do it all, use it all. You photograph everything, use all the filters. Then, if you really start liking this photography thing and you’re humble enough to see that what you were doing was just some shitty photos, you start to cut the bullshit. Less is always more. Some people start adding things, I started cutting things.

Diogo Paulo is a Brooklyn-based Art Director and photography lover. He started his journey in Lisbon, Portugal and has worked as an interactive designer for many years, fueling his passion for photography. Paulo’s work mainly reflects different perspectives of urban living and timeless moments around the world. He captures frames that are very well composed, clean and symmetrical. You can definitely capture the designer aspect of his photography.

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By Published on Sep 17 2015