Madison, Wisconsin
Cover photo by Adam Senatori

I can see through your stunning work that your career as a pilot has definitely influenced your unique style and subject matter. What led you to begin photographing?

I grew up in very artistic household. My mother was an art historian and my father is an art director so my work as a photographer is rooted to my childhood.


How does Instagram affect your work? If it does…

Instagram doesn’t influence my work per se, but it has been an incredible source of inspiration and support for what I do.


A lot of your photographs are taken in aircraft carriers, are there specific techniques you have learned to get the shot you want?

Shooting from aircraft involves a few considerations and techniques. I keep the shutter speed fast to prevent blur from motion. I also seek out shadows because they help give the photo depth. So I prefer to fly either in the morning or evening.


Where do you find your inspiration? Are there any photographers that have inspired you and helped shape your aesthetic?

Most of my inspiration comes from Dutch painters actually. I love the way they captured seascapes in the 1800’s. A beautiful use of light and color. For contemporary inspiration I love the work of Gursky. His huge photographs are incredible.


You photograph both landscape and urban areas – Do you find it easier / more inspiring to shoot one over the other?

I’m most interested in shooting aerial photographs of cities. It’s fascinating to look at how each city is organized. Everyone is unique.


“My goal as an image maker is to share the emotions I experience from the air with the viewer."

What is your favorite place? And where are you dying to travel to?

The favorite place I’ve traveled to so far is Dubai. It’s a city on the edge of the future and is wonderfully easy to photograph. A very close second destination is Iceland. I’d really like to travel to the Hebrides Islands. Soon!


Is there something you always take with you when you travel?

My iPhone with movies loaded onto it so I can get inspired visually during down time.


What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

My goal as an image maker is to share the emotions I experience from the air with the viewer. Impart the same sense of wonderment I get when I’m up there looking at our beautiful planet.


Do you have any projects coming up that you’re excited about?

I’m currently working on an aerial series called “Scale,” depicting the largest man made structures. So far I’ve made photographs of the biggest freeway, shipping dock etc. It will be an on going project for the next few years.


Adam Senatori is a commercial pilot and photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s not everyday you get a pilot to shoot what he sees from above. With breathtaking aerial images of farmlands, cities, and mountains Senatori creates a true visual experience for those lucky enough to know his work. As part of the online photography revolution, Senatori pushes the limits of what it means to use social media as a tool for learning and inspiring.

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By Published on May 21 2015