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The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen in the Woodstock area of Cape Town, South Africa, is no lightweight contender in the restaurant industry.



Garnering laurels since its opening in 2010, The Test Kitchen ranks high on the list of the world’s best restaurants with additional awards from the Elite Traveler and Mercedez-Benz.

  • Royal Standard
  • 375 Albert Road Woodstock
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • +27 21 447-2337

    Behind the accolades is the creative force of Luke Dale-Roberts, the British-born chef at the helm of The Test Kitchen. His twenty years of experience make for formidable creations and a reinvention of the fine dining system.


    Luke trained in Switzerland, England, and spent five years launching restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and the Philippines before assuming the hat of executive chef at La Colombe, South Africa. After a four-year stint, Luke began to feel the need to spread his wings and let creativity take full reign. In November of 2010, The Test Kitchen was born.

    Truly a hub of innovation and creative collaboration, the open plan design of the restaurant gives customers a sense of ease. Patrons can see and smell what’s going on in the kitchen, preparing their appetites in the process. The exposed oak beams and brick walls blend well with the natural-toned, locally-sourced fabrics and furniture.


    And, of course, there’s the food. With creativity and flavor as his two most important ingredients, Luke turns Cape Town’s local and seasonal offerings into culinary masterpieces. The menu, which changes frequently, is supplemented by an impeccable wine list. The Test Kitchen is not only a gustatory treat for the palate, but an overall pleasurable experience for the senses.

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    Written by Isel Garcia

    By Published on Apr 01 2015