31 Jul 2015 - 6:13 pm

Typing Room is of the the gems of East London. The name comes from the original typing room in which all communication from the mayoral system was put to ink – the building where it resides was a former town hall.


In an elegant environment that draws on the austerity of the original features of the room, with its fireplace, windows and large entrance made of noble woods, one feels gladly looked after. Hues of moss green and grey covering the walls are soothing and furniture and decor masculine.


The also elegant menu, devised by the capable creative hands of executive chef Lee Westcott, focuses on seasonal British produce. The menu is of either 5 or 7 courses for dinner and there is a smaller lunch menu: smoked eels, Herdwick lamb, fermented mushroom and crabs are presented in all of their glory, full of British flair.


  • Design
  • Town Hall Hotel Patriot Square
  • London, UK
  • +44(0)20.7871.0461
  • www.typingroom.com