Disconnect to Reconnect
El Cosmico, Marfa

he landscape looks like a scene from a movie- an expanse of land stretching for miles as the rustle of wind sweeps through.Glowing tents beckon warmly against the endlessly clear sky. At El Cosmico, digital connectivity is limited and guests entertain themselves by gathering around the outdoor communal kitchen, cooking and eating together, playing music and watching the stars.


This was exactly what hotelier Liz Lambert envisioned when she built El Cosmico on the mountainous border of Marfa, Texas. She wanted to create a resting place where people could temporarily disconnect from the modern world.

  • Street Standard
  • 802 S Highland Avenue
  • Marfa, Texas
  • (432) 729-1950
  • www.elcosmico.com

    Featuring unique accommodations including restored trailers, teepees, and yurts, El Cosmico has drawn a steady guest list of artists looking for inspiration. And indeed, there is no short supply of inspiration in El Cosmico’s grounds.


    As the site of the annual Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love, El Cosmico offers an outdoor stage where musicians from all over gather to liven up the evenings. During the daytime, guests can take advantage of the biking program, tours around Marfa, and workshops focusing on crafts, cooking, and songwriting.

    The atmosphere is communal, a big campsite with shared spaces fosters friendships. It is reminiscent of old summer camps, with much cooler lodging.


    At El Cosmico, you disconnect to connect. It is the perfect place to finally start writing that novel or finish writing that song. And should you crave rest and relaxation at the end of a full day, you can lounge in a hammock, take a dip in one of the Dutch wood fired hot tubs, or curl up with a book in your own teepee or under the stars.

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    Photography by Nick Simonite



    By Published on Aug 10 2015