01 Feb 2013 - 11:10 am


as Stue Hotel was once Berlin’s Royal Danish Embassy which coincidentally is located on what was the city’s Royal Hunting grounds. Echo’s of sophisticated grandeur are reflected at every corner, however the owners have maintained the ambiance as a more relaxed, living room vibe (translation of Das Stue in English). This stately hotel is at the city center, close to cultural attractions like the Berlin Philharmonic. If you have had the pleasure of visiting this incredibly innovative and historical city you know that the Tiergarten neighborhood is always interesting,  with its restaurants, museums and shopping.

The interior design and the artistic direction of the Das Stue’s public spaces were realized by the incredibly talented architect Patricia Urquiola, whose modern and clean aesthetic resonates beautifully with the classicist facade. For you food lovers, the concept is avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine by Michelin-starred Catalan chef Paco Pérez (the mastermind behind “5 – Culinary Art by Paco Pérez”). I have always thought that Berlin is a city so immersed in important history and at present has so many incredibly forward thinking artists, writers and architects that it has to be on your travel bucket list. For our readers who maintain a preference for lodgings with a modernist backbone, this is the hotel for you.

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