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As travelers increasingly seek out uncharted and under-the-radar destinations, lesser-known regions are quickly becoming places of interest. Entrepreneur creatives Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky are are capitalizing on this appeal by putting Poland on the map.


Northeast Poland is not a particularly popular tourist attraction – even more of a reason to make the trip to the Żółtowsky’s hotel, Galery69. Nestled in a scenic untouched region by Lake Wulpińskie, Hotel Galery69– part showroom, part hotel– intends to nurture like-minded creatives. Local artists Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky handcrafted the furnishings for their lakeside hotel themselves– the hotel a gallery for their work.

  • Design Standard
  • Dorotowo 38
  • Stawiguda, Masuria,Poland
  • +48 895136480

    The serendipitous availability of a picturesque plot of land prompted the pair to open a hotel. Having amassed their own collection of work, the two thought they could merge the concepts of hotel and showroom. The 21-room lodge has its own spa and restaurant and is heavily influenced by its surrounding alpine environment.


    In keeping with local building tradition, the Żółtowskys, who acted as both architects and interior designers, outfitted Galery69 with white timber planks and employed the use of a traditional 45-degree sloped roofline.

    The homely structure fits in nicely among its farmhouse and cottage neighbors. The hotel’s lakeside location lends itself to stunning views and endless outdoor activities. The couple, whose modus operandi is to be free, aptly met near a lake — “he sailed into my life on a yellow boat,” Malgosia told Design Hotels.


    Their mission is simple: to have the freedom to work and create as they please while introducing travelers to a part of Poland they might otherwise miss. The duo’s devotion to creating beautiful things with authenticity has earned them places among the best in the creative and artistic landscape of Poland.

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    Written by Tara Lange

    By Published on Mar 04 2015