03 May 2012 - 12:34 pm


The ever elusive and courageous chameleon, Cindy Sherman is back, exhibiting her new, large-scale works that depict outsized enigmatic female figures standing in striking isolation before ominous landscapes. Looking directly out of the picture in our direction, each character is an eccentric specter, whose epic scale, vivid Chanel costumes and intense gaze suggests a sentry standing between the viewer and the distant background. She photographed herself fully costumed, but without makeup, against a green screen and after the fact completed the images by digitally manipulating her features and altering the landscapes

The photographs are based on an insert Sherman did for Dasha Zhukova’s magazine using clothes from Chanel’s archive. The images published in the magazine were significantly altered as Sherman developed the series for this exhibition. Wearing early haute couture pieces from the 1920s designed by Coco Chanel to more recent Karl Lagerfeld collections, she selected idiosyncratic, often fantastical, garments before pairing them with images she photographed in Iceland during a 2010 volcanic eruption and the isle of Capri.

Metro Pictures Gallery
519 West 24th Street
New York NY 10011
More information at www.metropicturesgallery.com